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Are you ready for an adventure? The Millennium Series by Staci Morrison captivates readers, drawing them into a rich world of complex characters. This genre bending tale never relies on formula, and no character is too stupid to live.

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Check out the book section, but there is plenty to keep you engaged, from character art, to videos, to facts about the Millennium, both fictional and prophetic, to super secret (well, not so secret) resources for those of you who like that sort of thing. (I know who you are since the Bonus section was created just for you!) So check it out.

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Millennium series covers by staci morrison
Covers: The Millennium Series by Staci Morrison

Are you ready to dive into a captivating journey of epic proportions, where supernatural forces, intense battles, and profound mysteries intertwine? Follow a diverse cast of characters as they navigate love, redemption, and the fight for freedom in a richly imagined universe.

Discover a series like no other, where Christian fiction meets suspense, romance, and adventure. Embark on an extraordinary literary adventure with the Millennium Series and get ready to be enthralled by its compelling storytelling and unforgettable characters.

Millennium Series News

Millennium series news m5 circle of trust on sale 09/16/2023
The Epic Adventure Continues - M5-Circle of Trust

M5-Circle of Trust

On Sale 09/16/2023

M6-The Royals

On Sale 03/02/2024

Purple black and white book cover
M6-The Royals Book Cover

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