M3-The Outsiders

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Paperback, eBook, and Hardcover

Why was technology truly banned in the Millennium?

Was there another reason behind its utter destruction at the end of the Last Age?

Meet the Alcatraz 5, Kayah, Himari, Lavinia, Gus, and Stephen and enter a world on the cusp of rediscovering. When these five geniuses uncover a top-secret computer lab buried for a thousand years, they unearth more than they bargained for and learn there is a cost for toying with the forbidden.

This heart pounding adventure takes the reader deep into The Resistance, where a group of revolutionaries plot to take King Korah and his wicked kingdom down, but what sleeps in the underground bunker threatens everything and everyone.

Which begs the question, why was technology banned in the millennium? The sinister answer just might keep you up at night.

The genre bending Millennium Series continues with M3-The Outsiders, a genre-bending thriller mixing plenty of action, adventure, and romance.

Winner of the Spotlight Award for Best Epic Fiction book of the year, the action-packed story will get your pulse racing.
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Jason McKoy@username
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"Once again, Staci Morrison delivers. Weaving together events and characters from the previous novels, we dive back into Alanthia with a new cast, in a tale both imaginative and deeply satisfying. The dialogue-heavy, no-frills style makes these complex stories infinitely readable. She writes like a dude. Fantastic book." Jason McKoy
Alissa Farrow
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Loved this book! Obsessed with this series and can’t wait for the next one.
Bette T
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Staci Morrison is writing a multi-genre series like no other. This series has Royalty, religion, historical, adventure, thriller, paranormal, romance and many other genres all wrapped up into one, and it works. 😍 With Witches, Demons & Angels thrown in, this series is highly entertaining, addictive and exciting.
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