M2-Rise of the Giants

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Would you recognize a fallen angel if he appeared before you as a man?

As Alanthians gather to celebrate the coronation of Prince Korah, a fallen angel walks among them, hunting for a bride. The genre bending Millennium Series continues with M2-Rise of the Giants.

Childhood sweethearts, James and Persa, are torn apart when Marduk casts a wicked eye towards Persa. Kidnapped and held hostage, Persa is forced to hide a terrible secret. But broken-hearted James cannot forget, and he suspects there is more to the story than Persa will ever admit.

When civil war erupts, James joins the noble rebels in a fight for the very soul of the kingdom. Lines are drawn, and sides are chosen. For young cadets, Ian and Beau, what they experience on the battlefield changes them and the course of Alanthian history forever.

When the smoke clears, and Korah raises his wicked fist in triumph, James, Ian, and Beau vow to never give up the fight. But will these valiant warriors survive the new evil rising in Alanthia?

Spanning fifteen years and delving deep into the fascinating world, M2-Rise of the Giants is both a prequel and companion novel to the epic adventure begun in M1-The Black Key. Chilling, uncensored, uplifting, and a little naughty, the spectacular Millennium Series continues.

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Absolutely brilliant! I couldn't stop reading. M2-Rise of the Giants will leave you on the edge of your seat, a spectacular page-turner, for sure.
Tammy Bulcao
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