M6-The Royals

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Released March 02, 2024

A powerful journey into the black heart of King Korah ben Adam; what made him into the villain he became?

Why did Korah murder Alexa? Why has the Iron King allowed Korah’s reign of terror to go unpunished? Was Prince Eamonn who we all thought he was? Find the answers to these and so many more questions in M6-The Royals, the upcoming thrilling installment of the Millennium Series by Staci Morrison.

Unravel the mysteries of Korah’s villainous transformation and discover dark secrets that may jeopardize Prince Josiah and The Resistance’s mission. Brace yourself for a mind-bending revelation that will shake the very foundations of Alanthia.

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Look Inside - A Sneek Peak at M6-The Royals

December 30, 999 ME – A Walk in the Garden

Davianna rested a hand on her forehead, swaying with fatigue. “My mother is not very nice, either. If I am perfectly honest.”

Korah threw back his head and laughed. “Honesty? What a rare quality.” Quirking a gold and silver eyebrow, he asked with dark humor, “Shall I kill her for you?”

Thinking it was a joke, she played along, tapping the side of her cheek, looking up, considering. “Hmm. She was hateful to my father, and I doubt she even loves me.” Davianna threw up her hands in animated exasperation, his long cloak pooling at her elbows. “She abandoned me In Greece, all by myself, in a pilgrim camp, with no money. What kind of mother does that?”

“Oh, I know.” Korah grew very still. His eyes seemed to transform, the pupils elongated like those of a reptile. The serpent entered the garden and stalked Eve. “Shall I tell you, little girl? Would you like to know… how I became who I am?”

The Alanthian Royal Family

Royal Family Art

Creating family members is both challenging and fun. I try to use the images in my head and the descriptions from the books. It’s noted in the text that many in the Alanthian royal family resemble one another, so using similar features brings this intriguing cast to life. Sometimes the characters are quite vague in my mind, particularly secondary characters like Adam, Mary, and Eamonn, but sitting down and creating their faces brings them to life in a tangible way. Do they look like you imagined? Let me know! I would love to hear from you.

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