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M9-rays of twilight, fantasy fiction, romantic fantasy, love and danger, prophecy, alanthia series, staci morrison, epic adventure, magic, thrilling finale, enemies to lovers, workplace romance.

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M9-Rays of Twilight is a gripping tale of unexpected alliances and a tumultuous romance. Meet Veronica ben Aubrey and Nathan ben Henry, Royal Guards tasked with protecting the most important figures in Alanthia. Former high school enemies, they must set aside their differences as danger threatens the new royal family.

Veronica, an ambitious FBI Agent burdened by student loans, accepts Mack ben Robert’s offer to join the Royal Guard. Little did she know she would be working alongside her old nemesis, Nathan. Sparks fly as their past clashes with their duties.

Nathan ben Henry returns to his hometown to say goodbye to the woman who raised him. A dark past lies in wait, and an even darker future looms on the horizon, as Nathan tries to come to terms with the disaster his life has become.

As Veronica and Nathan guard the new Ruling Prince and his family, Josiah ben Eamonn, an attraction grows and a connection forms between them. Yet, their complicated history threatens to tear them apart. Will they find love and peace in the Rays of Twilight?

Don’t miss this enthralling installment in the Millennium Series, where love, danger, and destiny collide in the fascinating world of Alanthia.

Millennium series m9, rays of twilight, m9, veronica ben aubrey, nathan ben henry, royal guards, romance, enemies to lovers, fantasy, alanthia, danger, new royal family.

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Isn’t that the question all readers ask when they are anxiously awaiting the next installment of their favorite series? I know I’ve asked that many times. The book is written, and I want it NOW. Well, there is a lot to do to bring a book to market, but I promise, I’ll get M9-Rays of Twilight to you as soon as I can! Thank you for your support. Hit me up on social media, drop a review, tell your friends. Those simple things can make all the difference.

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