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What if you found yourself falling for a girl half your age?

“Masterful! Displaying an adept hand, Staci Morrison tackles a tricky relationship and knocks it out of the park. The complex characters of M4-Sword of the Spirit grabbed me right away. Lots of adventure and action, it’s a nail-biting ride.” Max Menapace

After losing everything, Thaddeus ben Todd crawls into a bottle and disappears. At rock bottom, and in search of a decent meal, he takes a chance and follows a girl into a village untouched by rebellion and home to the world’s most extraordinary factory. But will Thaddeus find the peace he so desperately needs or does trouble lurk in Rephidim?

Esmeralda ben Claude sees the world a bit differently, so when she spots Thaddeus passed out in the woods, she realizes she had found her destiny. The only problem is he is twice her age and not interested in a curly-headed imp with fanciful ideas.

When the unlikely pair’s friendship blossoms into something deeper, Thaddeus returns to his old life, never suspecting his enemies have cast their eyes toward the girl he will never forget.

In an adventure spanning time and space, will Thaddeus and Esmeralda find the strength to confront their pasts, battle supernatural evil, and learn to wield the most powerful weapon given unto man—The Sword of the Spirit?

Daring, a tad unorthodox, and highly entertaining, the genre-bending epic continues with the fourth installment of The Millennium Series with M4-Sword of the Spirit.

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