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Mack, lavinia, reuben, kayah, filippo, and himari m3 the outsiders
M3 The Outsiders Characters

Enter the dangerous world of M3-The Outsiders, where five teenage genius set out to uncover the mysteries of computing technology in the Last Age they learn some things are better left buried.

Meet Mack ben Robert, Prince Peter ben Korah’s personal guard, who is torn between his duty to the young Prince and the beautiful genius he can’t put out of his mind. Lavinia ben Anthony’s IQ is so high they cannot measure it but she spends her days behind the bar at her family’s small bistro, hidden away. Reuben ben Judah never expected to find notorious assassin, Kayah ben Samuel, in Italy, speaking to the two most hunted girls on Millennial Earth, Davianna and Astrid. When Reuben tracks Kayah to lair, everything changes. And finally, the Italian painter and the Japanese hacker, Filippo and Himari find themselves living across the hall from one another, desperately trying to forget, put when friendship turns to love, the past comes back to haunt them.

M3-The Outsiders is a rip-roaring ride, an adventure you will never forget.


Mack ben Robert

Royal guard mack ben robert protecting prince peter ben korah
Royal Guard Mack ben Robert

Agent Mack ben Robert, a southern gentleman and Royal Guard who has the difficult task of keeping Prince Peter ben Korah alive. His charm and simple good-ole-boy demeanor disguise a keen mind and a complex past. As a steadfast protector, Mack grapples with duty, love, and the shadows of evil  lurking in the Palace. And when the truth is revealed, Mack must sacrifice everything for the future of Alanthia.

Lavinia ben Anthony

Lavinia ben Anthony is Alanthia’s mathematical genius, whose youthful follies send her into hiding. Posing as a beautiful bartender in her family’s bistro, she hides a secret. Her mind is a labyrinth of intricate calculations, a weapon both sides want to use.

Lavinia ben anthony, math genius, standing in front of a chalk board.
Beautiful Genius - Lavinia ben Anthony

Reuben ben Judah

Mossad reuben ben judah in the golden city.
Mossad Agent Reuben ben Judah

Reuben ben Judah, a compelling character readers are introduced to in M1-The Black Key. A Mossad agent and friend to Prince Josiah, he embodies strength,  loyalty, and passion. His Israeli heritage adds depth to his character, bringing forth a blend of warrior spirit and steadfast devotion. His interactions with other characters unveil layers of intrigue, making him a pivotal figure in the what might become of the Kingdom of Alanthia.

Kayah ben Samuel

Kayah ben Samuel – enigmatic, charming, and utterly ruthless. She is raised as an orphan, with no one to look out for her. However her drive and indominable spirit refuses to be thwarted, and she emerges from her trial by fire more dangerous than ever.

Female assassin in fiction, kayah ben samuel, m3-the outsiders
Shrouded in mystery.... unforgettable, Kayah ben Samuel

Himari Nakamura

Japanese american beauty, himari nakamura, genius hacker
Himari Nakamura - Genius hacker, M3-The Outsiders

Himari Nakamura’s mixed blood means that she never quite fits in anywhere, but when she meets Lavinia and Kayah, she realizes that in them she has friends, forever. When their little project goes sideways, Himari pays a big price that leaves her trying to find her place in the brave new world that Alanthia becomes.

Filippo ben Vincente

Charming, the quintessentially Italian artist will make you espresso, ply you with excellent wine, and dance until dawn. However, there is a darker side to the amicable painter that no one sees coming.

Filippo ben vincente, italian paper and lover of the coffee bean.
Filippo ben Vincente M3-The Outsiders
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