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Would you have taken a bite of the apple? I probably would have…

“Set in post-millennial Earth, this gripping saga envisions a world where a thousand years of peace and prosperity are coming to an end at the hands of ambitious men and even more ambitious evil. Demons and angels, ordinary people and kings battle with destiny to fulfill the final promise. A genre-bending first novel from a visionary new author.” -Ann Reesman.

Enter a post-apocalyptic world with M1 – The Black Key, the genre-bending debut novel of the Millennium Series by Staci Morrison. One thousand years of Edenic paradise have been shattered by a brutal betrayal and murder, setting the stage for an epic fiction series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Royal cousins Peter and Josiah come of age in an idyllic world until a violent coup rocks their kingdom. A fallen angel breaks free and aligns with Josiah’s power-hungry uncle, forcing Josiah to flee, which leaves young Peter behind to face his homicidal father and a malevolent entity that stalks him in the dark.

As the Kingdom of Alanthia spirals into chaos, the two princes plot revolution. Peter embarks on a dangerous plan to overthrow his father, while Josiah seeks the aid of Millennial Earth’s supreme ruler, The Iron King.

Meanwhile, refugees Davianna and Astrid discover a mysterious piece of technology from the Last Age that has the power to destroy everything. Wicked forces launch a global manhunt for the artifact, sending the girls running for their lives.

Kingdoms and hearts collide in an epic adventure as the royals and the refugees battle evil and evade those who covet – The Black Key.

Readers of Left Behind will love M1-The Black Key, prophetic fiction with a racier edge.

Don’t miss out on this incredible debut novel that will transport you to a world of danger, betrayal, and ultimate redemption. Grab The Black Key now and get ready to enter the Millennium.

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Check out the Audiobook excerpt and the Kindle preview. If you really want an immersive experience listen as you read! It will be the most entertaining 4 minutes of your life. I promise.

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